Our Featured Projects.

Project no.1

'The Beacon' project in Hemel Hempstead, UK. A multiuse high-rise 3D interior render development comprising of 208 luxurious residential apartment and high-end offices.

Project no.2

An exposed dual shades of brick walls showing a gorgeous interior 3D render which compliment each other.

LivingRoom & Kitchen_cam3 (2).jpg
Project no.3

A multiuse high-rise development comprising of 208 luxurious residential apartment and high-end offices 'The Beacon' in Hemel Hempstead, UK


Modern contemporary penthouse design with gray shades combined with light  shades makes your living room beautiful and taking away the eye's attention, as they provide the focal point each home space should have. Lighting is eveything!


Final Shot revised.jpg
Project no.4

School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.


Begins with texturing of the building, which carry dark metal texture to the building and grey tiles to the floor so these two textures is contrasting to each other, for the lighting to show the entire scene as well as textures of the building clearly and HDRI image helps in this, focus in this to give HD quality to show maximum detail of the building and for the camera trick played with DOF little bit.

And for the post production as we all know without post production render is always incomplete.

Final 3.png
Project no.5

Aabsolutely stunning 3D Render of Tham & Videgård´s Art Museum in Stockholm Sweden.

While observing the detail lighting and texturing of the building, we wanted to match the closeup surroundings and environment, so that the building get more realistic feel which can go with my scene.

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